What A Blast!

Obstacle Course

We had a blast at the obstacle course. Taro loved it too!

Water Party

Solent News & Photo AgencyOn Monday June 27th, we hope to have a class water party in the afternoon. Please bring the following:

1) Bathing suit or change of shorts and shirt.
2) Towel
3) Extra snack and drink
4) Water gun (if you have one)

I will have extra water guns so please do not feel that you need to go and purchase one.  If the weather is bad, we will try for Tuesday.


Taro Goes On The School Trip

Taro came with us when we went to Tudhope Park in Orillia. Everybody had fun with Taro. First we had a picnic. Then we went to the park and played on the spinning wheel. We took Taro down to the water. Taro played soccer with us and Tyler’s sister Mavis came to play too. We all had lots of fun with Taro!

Taro’s Weekend With Luke

This weekend I got to bring our “exchange bear” Taro from Japan home to my house.

First we played mini sticks Taro is a good goalie

We went to Tim Hortons on Saturday and then went to get groceries

Saturday night we went over to my friend Owen’s house so Taro could play with Owen Matthew and me. We had cake. When we got home we watched star wars the force awakens then went to sleep. Taro really liked the movie.

Sunday Taro came with me to hockey he tried on my hockey helmet. He watched my play. After hockey we came home and had dinner and got ready for Taro to go back to school tomorrow for a new adventure with another friend from class

Thanks for spending the weekend with me and my family Taro.


Kodomo No Hi Day In Japan

Our friends in Japan sent us these pictures where they are celebrating Children’s Day in Japan. They flew carp shaped streamers called koi (carp) – nobori. This was at the Koinobori Festival. The students also displayed ornamental samurai helmets called Kabuto.

They said that we “…. hope you can taste our Children’s day in Japan.”

We can!